Hoops Leagues PNW - A Premier Rec Basketball League in Seattle, WA
  • Scorekeepers & Statkeepers provided every game

  • Complete box score stats for every game, posted on the league website

  • Individual Player profile pages and team profile pages with averages and rankings posted on the league website

  • In game action photos to share on social media with friends and family

  • Strong social media presence to keep you engaged all week

  • PNBOA officials ensure a fair and consistent game, no matter what the score is

  • Enforceable 35 second shot clock and NBA style end of half/game rules for higher quality experience

  • Statkeeping encourages a higher quality brand of basketball. Sloppy games are rare

  • Weekend leagues
  • 2015 NWHL Champions
    Spring'14: Dancing to Thabeet
    Summer'14: Put Some Tarps Down
    Fall'14:Team Vietnam
    Northwest Hoops Leagues
    Northwest Hoops Leagues is gearing up for season #6 this summer! We're offering Rec and Competitive Divisions with even more valuable content. In addition to complete box scores and weekly photo albums, individual and team shot charts will also be provided. Established in May 2014, NWHL is a full feature adult (21+) recreational basketball league in Seattle that provides a unique, personal, and interactive basketball experience by providing its players valuable content in the form of complete box score stats, individual and team stats, player profile pages, team profile pages, in-game action photos, shot charts, weekly awards, custom/personalized jerseys, and a strong social media presence so each player can track their performance, and share their progress and experiences with their friends and family.




    Fall'15 Registration
    Recreation Division

    Saturdays and Sundays:

  • October 10th- December 13th

  • 7 regular season games + playoffs

    Competitive Division

    Saturdays and Sundays

  • October 10th-December 13th

  • 7 regular season games + playoffs

    Registration Details:

    Fall'15 registration details

  • Current Season
    Division: Recreation

    Summer'15 Regular Season:

    July 26th - August 30th
    7 regular season games + playoffs

    Playoffs: September 12th

    • NWHL
    • Northwest Trophy